• Do Pills and Creams Really Work?

    To understand if natural breast enhancing supplements and breast enhancing creams work, we should first try to understand what breast tissue is and what affects tissue development.

    breast-anatomyBoth men and women develop breasts. The difference is that when a woman goes through puberty, female sex hormones (mainly estrogen) promote increased development, which doesn’t occur in men. As a result women’s chest area becomes much more prominent and are seen as a part of their femininity.

    Unfortunately, not all women experience puberty for the same amount of time, and therefore, don’t experience the same amount of breast development.

    The result is that it’s not uncommon for women to be unsatisfied with the way their natural bust look and feel.

    Another time when a woman can experience breast tissue development and enlargement is during pregnancy. This happens due to the body’s natural preparation for producing milk and can be attributed to the hormones estrogen, progesterone and prolactin. In general, the size and shape of your chest is related to normal hormonal changes from things like puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.

    So what does this mean?

    Breast tissue development is closely related to the amount of female hormones inside your body.

    Temporary Side Effects of Certain Medications


    Is taking birth control for hormonal changes safe?

    Some women have experienced natural changes to their size resulting from the hormonal changes due to taking birth control medications. However, you should not take birth control only for that reason. Birth control medications are very powerful and can have some serious or undesired side effects. You should always consult your doctor before taking a medication as strong as birth control, especially the kind that contains estrogen.

    Some of the side effects that are associated with taking birth control:

    • unexpected bleeding (or spotting)
    • decreased libido
    • unwanted weight gain
    • headaches, nausea
    • mood swings.

    hormone-therapyWhat about medication for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

    Another form of medication that commonly has an affect on bust size is medication prescribed for estrogen therapy. Estrogen therapy is commonly used to relieve the unwanted symptoms of menopause. Again, it is not recommended that you look into starting estrogen therapy only because you want to achieve a bigger bust size. The medication prescribed for estrogen therapy is also very strong, and can not only have side effects, but can also lead to negative long-term health problems.

    Some side effects associated with taking estrogen therapy:

    • weight gain
    • nausea
    • headaches
    • vaginal discharge
    • breast tenderness
    • slight increase in the likelihood of more serious diseases and cancer.

    Another hormone that is produced naturally in a woman’s body that can be related to chest growth is the hormone progesterone. It is frequently prescribed to prevent the overgrowth of the uterine lining in women who are also taking estrogen. Like estrogen, progesterone is a very strong medication and should not be taken only to increase bust size. Side effects of progesterone treatment include: weight gain, coughing, acne or hair growth, joint pain, vaginal irritation, and sometimes depression.

    So What About Natural Enhancement Products?

    Ok, so we’ve told you about the hormonal changes that lead to breast development. We’ve also discussed some medications that create such hormonal changes but are generally unsafe to use for the purpose of breast development.

    Can any supplements create those hormonal changes in a safe way?

    That’s exactly what super popular enhancement supplements aim to do. According to some users they do it quite well.

    These supplements work by using a proprietary blend of natural plants and herbs that contain phytoestrogens. This plant-based substance is known to effectively stimulate hormonal changes and emulate the effect of estrogen on the body.

    Conclusion – Safety is Paramount

    So it makes sense that the goal of enhancement supplements is to stimulate natural growth while at the same time being gentle and safe on your body.

    ingredientsThe good news is that the natural ingredients used in the latest supplements work in careful balance to promote the hormonal conditions of natural breast development and stimulate growth without having the effect of stimulating breast milk production.

    To read more specifically about breast enhancing supplements in pill form, check out this page: https://thebustboosters.com/best-breast-enhancement-pill-supplement/

    The natural ingredients in breast enhancing creams can be just as effective in promoting the same hormonal stimulation, however, are also used to firm and rejuvenate the skin on and around your bust. The repairing qualities of the topical form can also be very useful to women who were satisfied with the size of their bust in their younger age, but now want to improve firmness while, at the same time, maintaining the soft feeling of the skin on the chest. Naturally, improved skin gives your breasts a more desired appearance. Many women have had amazing results and are completely satisfied with the use of natural breast enhancing products.


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