• A Deeper Look Into Natural Herbal Ingredients

    herbs-1If you are interested in natural breast enhancement, the chances are you will come across supplements or creams with herbal ingredients. The use of herbs and other natural products to stimulate breast growth has a long historic past. What’s great about today’s products is that the formulas used by the top brands is a perfect combination of years of research and cutting edge technology.

    Another thing you may not have known, is that the natural ingredients used in many breast enlarging products tout other benefits relating to women’s health and general well-being.

    Here’s a list of the additional benefits that can be had by taking or using some of these supplementary products.

    • Increased sex drive
    • Managing symptoms of stress
    • Reduce fatigue and increase alertness
    • Relieving symptoms of PMS
    • Relieving menstrual and menopausal symptoms
    • Increase milk supply
    • Aids in digestion of food

    So How do They Work?

    There’s no doubt that breast augmentation will increase your bust size. It’s really the risks of undergoing surgery, recovery time and costs that may have you looking at natural solutions. So you’re convinced that the ingredients in Naturaful or Breast Actives are indeed natural and safe to use, but are they effective? Let’s take a look at the scientific theory to try and understand just how these herbs can add to your development of breast tissue.

    how-breasts-workNormal and natural development of breast tissue happens during puberty because of hormonal changes in the body and specifically the increase in the hormone most commonly associated to women called estrogen.

    Other than hereditary and genetic influences, one of the main reasons why someone might have less breast development is because of a deficiency in estrogen. The way that natural supplements counters this deficiency is by using active ingredients that are estrogen mimics called xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens can be synthetic or natural with the synthetic variety being industrial compounds such as PCBs, BPA and phthalates.

    Some of these industrial compounds have recently seen some controversy regarding their safety in use in commercial products. Commonly used xenoestrogens that are natural are phytoestrogens in plants and mycoestrogens from fungi. The primary way we are exposed to these xenoestrogens is through consumption. This is why they can be seen as clinically significant to mimic the effects of estrogen.


    phytosThese are naturally occurring dietary estrogens that are consumed by eating phytoestrogenic plants. Similarities between phytoestrogens and estrogen allow them to sometimes mimic the effects of estrogen and in some cases act as antagonists of estrogen.

    herb-2In some cultures, phytoestrogenic plans have been consumed for centuries to treat menstrual and menopausal symptoms as well as fertility problems in women. More recently, researchers have been studying the protective benefits against problems such as cancer of the prostate, breast and bowel; cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

    It’s no wonder that phytoestrogens are commonly found in the most popular breast enlarging pills on the market.

    Common Herbal Ingredients Known to Contain Phytoestrogens:

    • Linseed (flax)
    • Fenugreek
    • Yams
    • Licorice root
    • Fennel
    • Red clover
    • Oats
    • Ginseng

    Another popular phytoestrogen used in many herbal supplements is miroestrol. It can be found and extracted from the herb Pueraria mirifica. It is also believed to mimic the biological effect of the hormone estrogen and has been marketed and used as a dietary supplement.

    Other Popular Active Ingredients

    The use of phytoestrogens in breast enhancement supplements appears to be the main driver for the benefits related to breast tissue development, relieving menstrual and menopausal symptoms and other women’s health topics. However, there are also several commonly used herbal ingredients that have traditionally been used for more general benefits such as providing nutrients, antioxidants, and enriching skin care. Below I’ve listed a few:

    • Kava – Used to manage anxiety, stress and depression.
    • Blessed Thistle – Used to alleviate discomfort related to digestion.
    • Dandelion Root – Used to detoxify tissue.
    • Motherwort – Used topically to remedy skin irritations.
    • Damiana – Used for improving sexual satisfaction.
    • Aloe Vera Concentrate – Used topically for various skin conditions.

    To read more about how these natural herbal ingredients can come together to make an excellent topical cream product, go to our full review of Naturaful: https://thebustboosters.com/naturaful-full-product-review/

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