• Homemade and DIY Skin Care: Does it Work?

    In recent years, skin care has grown in both popularity and quality of products. Its presence in the beauty world has always been prevalent, but it has now skyrocketed as people look for new ways to make their skin clearer, softer, and smoother.

    While skin care is beauty, it is also a science, and it is important to know what works, why it works, and how it works. Because it’s all about combining the right ingredients, proper skin care can be achieved by anyone that does a little research.

    Many would argue that brands have scientifically perfected skin care, but can DIY, or do-it-yourself, methods be just as effective?

    Safer Ingredients

    If you are allergic to common ingredients used in store-bought products or avoid any for personal reasons, homemade recipes can be enticing due to the fact that it is entirely made up of what you choose to include.

    That said, homemade skin care can be less safe if you go about it without proper research, so be sure to understand how natural elements function when they make contact with something as sensitive as your skin.

    For example, lemon is an ingredient that appears frequently throughout DIY skin care recipes, but it may be too drying for your skin type. So while it may prime your hair for lightening in natural sunlight, be careful using its acidic properties anywhere else.

    Better Affordability & Accessibility

    diy-2Brand name products can get real expensive real fast and taking care of your body should not be a luxury that few can afford. Therefore, the ability to get skin care products at your local grocery store is an exciting and cost-effective option that can be taken advantage of in the world of DIY skin care.

    Common components such as honey, avocado, and tea tree oil are all effective ingredients that are easy to find and inexpensive to purchase.

    So Just How Effective are DIY Skin Care Products?

    Depending on the effect you are trying to achieve, homemade remedies can be just as effective as what you can find at high-end beauty stores, so long as you use the right ingredients properly.

    For example, self-made skin care products are great for everyday face and body wash, as they can promote skin health by doing the two most basic things your body needs – cleansing and moisturizing. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, and even mayonnaise have moisturizing properties you can take advantage of, and sugar, salts, and oats can all be used to gently exfoliate.

    But when it comes to spot treatments, complexion correcting, or any need for strong formulas to perform specific tasks, that’s better left to professionals like your dermatologist.

    Final Thoughts

    In many circumstances, DIY skin care can absolutely assist you in getting the healthy, glowing look that we all aim for. As long as you know the ingredients you need to include and how you should apply the final result, you should be safe in your endeavor to make your own recipes.

    Know that, in the realm of beauty, you have options. The most expensive products are not always the most effective, but similarly, the most natural methods will not always give you the desired results. Be aware of what you are putting on your body, homemade or not.

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