• How to Know When Your Boobs Stop Growing

    Ok, if your a full grown adult then you already know.

    But not all of the readers at TheBustBoosters are, so we thought it would be helpful to know exactly when your boobs start and stop growing. That way if you’re thinking of using a natural enhancement system, you can make the right choice.

    Common Questions about Breast Development

    One of the main concerns women have about their body is breast development.

    • When do they start developing?
    • What causes them to grow?
    • How long before they reach their permanent size?
    • Can I do anything to make them bigger or smaller?

    These are just some of the questions you might have about your breasts that you may be too shy or hesitant to ask out loud.

    When do your breasts develop?

    The earliest evidence of puberty is breast development. When you reach the age of puberty, your hormone levels change which triggers breast growth. During this stage, the estrogen that your body produces causes a build-up of fats in the breasts which are made of fatty tissue and milk-producing glands called mammary glands.

    While the age wherein puberty hits varies, it usually begins sometime between the ages 7 and 13 years old and normally lasts until you reach your late teens or, in some cases, early twenties.

    In the initial stages of puberty, you might feel some discomfort as your breast buds – the small, tender lumps under the nipples – begin to grow. But don’t worry, the soreness gradually goes away as your breasts become fuller and rounder.

    One cause for anxiety of girls and women alike is when their breasts don’t develop at the same time and at the same rate, resulting in uneven sizes. If this happens to you, you can rest easy knowing that breast asymmetry us perfectly normal and, in fact, quite common. At the same time, the difference in the shape or size is very rarely evident and noticeable.

    However, there are some natural ways you can even out the sizes of your breasts. Learn more here.

    What factors affect my natural breast size?

    genesThere are many reasons why your breast size or shape differs from that of other women, the most considerable one being hereditary.

    Simply put, women have the breasts they have because their genes direct it.

    Weight is another significant factor in the appearance of your breasts. Since breasts consists of fatty tissue, weight gain or loss that affects your body fat may likely impact your breast size as well.

    Some mistakenly believe that the earlier they reach puberty, the larger their breasts will be, but that isn’t true. Your breast size depends on a number of things but the age when you start puberty isn’t one of them.

    What happens to my breasts when I get pregnant?

    preggers-boobsSimilar to puberty, one of the earliest signs of pregnancy is changes in your breasts. They will be more tender and sensitive. They will also get bigger as the alveoli, or the tiny pockets in your breasts, begin to develop in order to produce more milk.

    After giving birth, your breast size may or may not return to its usual size regardless of whether you breastfeed or not. Some women have said that their breasts retained its bigger size even after they’ve stopped breastfeeding while there are others who’ve been quite disappointed to find out that their breasts returned to their pre-pregnancy size.

    What about birth control pills?

    birth-control-pillsIt’s a popular belief among women that one side-effect of birth control pills is breast enhancement.

    That said, it’s certainly common for women to take birth control pills and expect breast growth. However, while birth control pills may prove to enlarge breasts, there is a catch. Birth control pills contain doses of estrogen that may make your breasts bigger as a result of fluid retention and an increase in hormones, but the effect in a lot of cases is minimal and, more importantly, temporary.

    As soon as your body adjusts or gets used to the hormone levels and as soon as you stop taking the pills, your breast size will most likely return to normal.

    So if it isn’t reliable or practical to take birth control pills for the specific purpose of breast growth, are there any products that you can take?

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