• Sexy and Fun Halloween Costumes for 2017


    With Halloween just around the corner, it’s not just the kids who bubble with excitement. The adults are more than eager to join in on the Halloween fun.

    Everyone’s looking for the perfect costume to impress and amaze. For a lot of women, the dilemma is deciding which kind of costume to go for – the fun outfit that gets people to laugh or the sexy attire that gets people to look twice?

    Luckily, there are a number of costumes that can do both.

    halloween-1A superhero costume, for one, is always an option. Everyone loves a superhero. Plus, it’s the kind of costume that can easily accentuate your curves. With the big success of Wonder Woman earlier this year, dress as Diana Prince or maybe one of her fellow Amazonian warriors for trick-or-treat.

    If you want to take the more interesting route, instead of choosing a female superhero, try going for the likes of Spiderman or Thor. It’s always a sight to see a woman wearing a man’s suit better.

    For TV fans, there’s plenty of female characters to choose from. How about dressing up as Daenerys Targaryen while insisting that people address you as Khaleesi? Or maybe go as Jessica Jones with all her witty comments?

    If you’re in the mood to spook a few kids and some adults while you’re at it, go for the sexier but just as creepy sister of It’s Pennywise. You’ll be sure to turn heads and maybe even elicit some gasps.

    No time to shop for a costume or on a low budget?

    There’s always the option for a DIY Halloween costume.

    Contrary to what you might think, DIY costumes can be just as impressive as the ones bought from the store. In fact, DIY costumes sometimes come out even better since you have full creative control over what you’re going to wear.

    Doing your costume yourself also means you get to dress up as literally anyone or anything you want to be – from your favorite fruit to your favorite Spice Girl. You’d be surprised by how far random things like an old shirt, glue, paint and even leftover cereal boxes can go in terms of creating a unique Halloween costume.

    And even if you lack the materials to go all out in designing and making your own costume, there are always other ways to remedy that.

    One such means is through make-up. While you might not exactly dress like your chosen character, looking the part can make all the difference. There are tons of make-up tutorials online that show you how to transform not just your entire face but your whole body into something or someone entirely different.

    Want to be Wonder Woman but don’t have the bust for it? A little bit of foundation, highlight and bronzer can easily emphasize your breasts to make them look bigger. The magic of make-up even goes so far as to make your body look curvier or even fuller if that’s the look you’re going for.

    Regardless of whether you’re wearing a costume bought from a store or something you made yourself, the wonderful thing about Halloween is that you get to be whoever or whatever you want to be – fun and sexy included.


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