• What To Do About Stretch Marks?

    stretch-3Our bodies are full of imperfections. That makes us human. Sometimes, though, there are imperfections that make us especially uncomfortable, or some that have an easy fix.

    Breasts are often an especially touchy subject for a woman, and we find ourselves wanting to solve every spot and blemish on our chests.

    Here are just a few ways to feel much better about the natural beauty of your breasts.

    Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

    Stretch marks are a hallmark of womankind. Arguably, stretch marks are a mark of humankind. Women, though, particularly struggle with stretch marks, and in all sorts of places. Many, if not most women have stretch marks on their breasts because of the rapid growth in the area over a somewhat short period of time, especially women who give birth.


    Stretch marks are difficult to completely eradicate, but there are ways to make them less noticeable. Natural ways include staying hydrated, massages, and exfoliation with certain natural oils.

    Hydration helps the skin stay healthy and flexible, including the areas already afflicted by stretch marks. Massage promotes blood flow and circulation in breast tissues, making them stronger and quicker to heal. Exfoliation with natural oils will slowly and naturally remove damaged skin and tissues resulting from stretch marks, and healthy skin will grow back in its place.

    There are also over the counter methods for helping with stretch marks, like ointments or oral supplements. Tretinoin is a common prescription, as are collagen or silicon-based gels. These methods are less “natural” than the methods above, but they still help with reducing stretch marks.

    Getting Rid of Dry Skin

    stretch-2As with most dry skin, the first line of defense is applying moisturizer or lotion a few times a day in the areas around your breasts that are the most afflicted. It is also worth checking out your environmental factors, like dry air or other dry skin causes, and trying to alter those as well.

    Investing in room humidifiers and ridding yourself of potentially irritating fabrics or soaps can also go a long way in solving dry skin problems.

    Getting Rid of Blackheads

    Like blackheads on your face, the quickest method is with masks, cleansers, and extraction. Using a clay mask for initial treatment, a cleanser to keep the area clean, an extraction tool to get rid of the blackheads, and then treat the area with benzoyl peroxide to keep it from spreading. Treat the area daily with cleanser and keep it as clean as you can.

    Wash your hair when it gets oily, especially if you have long hair that touches your chest, since that can cause blackheads. Overall, treat blackheads on breasts like you would treat blackheads on your face – carefully and consistently, to keep them from returning.

    While it is true that feminine beauty, including imperfections, is wonderful as it is, sometimes it is nice to have some control over the situation. In the case of common spots on breasts such as stretch marks, dry skin, or blackheads on the chest, these are just some solutions out there for women who wish to rid themselves of these problems and feel comfortable in their skin.

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