• Women Going Braless, Is It Better?

    Does Going Braless Affect Breast Development, Size, and Shape?

    With the rise of the feminist movement came symbolic gestures like burning bras, which have historically been seen as something for the male gaze or an item that restricts women’s bodies, rather than something that actually aids women. Even though nowadays bra burning is not as common a display of rebellion, less and less women are wearing bras, choosing instead to go braless or wear “bralettes” for fashion rather than support.

    braless-1Opponents of this trend, as well as opponents of the Free the Nipple campaign for women, state that going braless is harmful to breast development, saying it will lead to sagging or misshapen breasts. However, this is not true.

    The fact is that there are not enough long-term studies out there to support whether wearing a bra versus going braless is more beneficial to breast health. However, there are still reasons that going braless has better benefits than wearing a bra.

    Natural Support

    When you cease wearing a bra, your boobs naturally begin to develop muscular tissues to provide support. As the “support” is naturally created by your own body, your breasts will be less saggy and stronger.

    Since your body will adapt to provide the necessary support on its own, bras are not needed at any point, particularly during developmental stages when your body is transitioning and growing breasts. With the support already there, your breasts will be healthier, less likely to sag, and most likely bigger than they would be with a bra.

    Lack of Restriction

    Bras are restrictive to breasts, and in some studies, it has been theorized that the restrictive material of bras can potentially be harmful in the long run. Bras do not conform to the natural shape of breasts, thus forcing them into a “perfect” shape that does not exist in nature.

    Our breasts are different sizes and shapes from the moment we come into this world to the moment we leave it, and the imperfections should be celebrated. Restricting breast development from the young age that we do is not initially harmful, but it could be less than helpful in the long run.

    Fashion & Comfort

    Bralettes are a fashionable alternative to bras that is sweeping the millennial generation. Bralettes lack the restrictive underwire of typical bras, and even tend to be looser and more “natural” fitting than a bra. There are no defined cups to force your breasts to fit into, and they are a thousand times cuter than regular bras. However, simply going braless is just as well, and just as comfortable. Your breasts will develop naturally on their own without restriction, and you get to enjoy the freedom of your chest.

    Though the actual true “science” does not yet exist, most women agree going braless has some significant advantages over wearing a bra. Allowing your beautiful chest to develop its own support naturally and efficiently without the “aid” of a bra is something more and more women are doing. You don’t need to go out and start burning bras – but maybe consider not wearing them and see the difference for yourself.

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