Complaints and Concerns with the Breast Actives System

complaintsThe Breast Actives program has been such a popular natural breast enhancement technique that we have seen a ton of customer feedback. See our helpful review at: to read more about the product and see what generated all this feedback. While most of this feedback is our readers sharing their wonderful and inspiring success stories, we do occasionally get some questions, concerns and complaints with the product. We put together a list of the most common concerns and answered them with information that we either found ourselves or from the experiences and stories we have heard from users and customers.

It is hard to remember to use the product everyday. Will I get the results that I want?

As with anything, you will get out what you put in. That’s not to say that if you miss one day of taking the supplement or applying the cream, all your effort will be lost. That’s simply not how this product works. However, it is important to try and be consistent with using the product as specified by the manufacturer to achieve the maximum potential. Most of the feedback we have seen from customers that are happy with the product have come from people who have serious goals to improve the size of their bust and have dedicated some time in their daily routine to achieve those goals.

The system includes an exercise program, but I already have my own exercise routine.

We would recommend that you experiment with some of the exercises included with the system to see if they target areas of your body that you may not be emphasizing. You can also find some exercise pointers on our site as a natural breast enhancement technique. We find that no one set exercise routine is going to last you a lifetime, but simply having an exercise routine can. If you are exercising regularly and paying attention to your health as a part of your overall strategy to improve your physical appearance, kudos to you and don’t change a thing!

The breast cream is not very comfortable to wear around during the day. It can get messy with certain types of clothing.

If you are having trouble with having the cream on your body during the course of the day, you can try using a hair blow dryer on a low heat setting to dry the cream after following the application instructions. This trick is used by a lot of people who don’t like the feeling of wearing the cream. It allows the product to dry quicker without negatively affecting how the cream will work. If you still don’t like wearing the cream, we recommend that you try switching to applying it at night when your day is over. You may find that it is much more convenient and relaxing to work this into your nightly routine.

While I am experiencing growth in my chest area, my clothes don’t fit the way I want them to.

This is a common complaint we hear from customers who are happy with the final result but struggled with fitting into their clothing while they were experiencing growth. It’s natural for many women to own clothing that was custom tailored to fit. We know it can be frustrating when that favorite shirt just doesn’t look the same but trust us, good things are still to come. We recommend that while you are using the system, especially in the first few months, that you don’t really spend a bunch of money on new form fitting clothing or tailoring. Remember that the system is not only working to pump up your size, but also works to give your chest the shape and firmness you’ve always wanted. So save that shopping spree until your body has adapted and the changes seem to have settled.

Sometimes my bust develops faster and sometimes I develop slower while using this product, what’s going on?

The answer is that everyone’s experience with using this system will be fairly unique to what’s going on in their body. We have found that it isn’t uncommon for people to experience different rates of growth. Be patient and never take more of the product than what is specified by the manufacturer. We think you will be much more satisfied with the product if you use it as directed and stop when the results meet your goals.

It would be great if I could get more of this product at my local store. Is buying things online a scam?

Distribution of certain products can be tricky for the manufacturer and definitely does NOT indicate that the product is a scam. We do not have any insight into why they have chosen to sell direct to the consumer. We do know that the best way to make sure you receive an authentic product, with the latest pricing promotions, and backed by the company’s guarantees is to order from the official website.