• Getting Your Bust Back After Weight Loss


    Weight Loss is really hard. We know this all too well. Unfortunately, too many women suffer an unexpected consequence after all that hard work, sagging breasts. If this has happened to you, first we want to say kudos on achieving a healthier and happier body. Next, on to dealing with those sagging breasts. We have reviewed some excellent products that naturally restore the youthful appearance of your breasts. And we’ll break down what’s happening and some things you can do to counter it below.

    Weight Loss: Where Did My Breasts Go?

    First off, let’s start by understanding the basic anatomy of the breast starting from closest to your chest outward. At the very base, we’ll consider the starting point to be the chest wall. Next, are pectoral muscles that lie on the chest wall and exist in both male and female anatomy. These are the muscles that most men become obsessed with at the gym, strengthening, widening and flexing mercilessly with no end. On top of the pectoral muscles is where things become a little different for men and women. Both have fatty tissue, but women have mammary glands which have components of cells and hollow cavities grouped together called lobules.¬†Then what prevents all that from sliding right off of your body is your skin.

    best_price_for_ba_btnThe reason all that was mentioned is because in the female anatomy, two main components, the fatty tissue and lobules, have the ability to change depending on weight gain and also pregnancy. The fatty tissue in your bust is like fatty tissue on your stomach, thighs, butt or anywhere else on your body and will store excess fat as you gain weight. So people who experience frequent fluctuations in their weight might notice that their bust size also fluctuates. In the case of pregnancy, the cells within the lobules begin to produce milk and swell. The lobules are connected to your milk ducts and they are connected to your nipples where the milk can exit your body. The tissues in your breast are all very sensitive to hormones and pregnancy stimulates the production of these hormones. This is also the reason why during postmenopause the same tissues will begin to atrophy and your bust may decrease in size.

    So whether you’ve been working out and losing weight or you’re trying to get your body back to it’s pre-pregnancy state, you may be interested in what factors play a role in your bust size and shape. As a general rule in all scenarios, your bust size is going to be closely related to the amount of fat in your body. So maintaining your weight and body fat percentage will play an important role. However, if you’ve lost weight in that area you may be experiencing a saggy and deflated appearance.

    Firming and Enhancing Sagging Breasts

    Now that we know where all that breast tissue went, here are some things you can to do to fight back:

    Build Up Your Chest Muscles

    The pectoral muscles that lie at the base of your chest can be exercised to improve the shape of your bust. Some women are concerned that working out chest muscles will flatten their bust and give them a masculine look. While it’s true that building muscle mass can burn the surrounding fat cells, doing body-weight exercises is unlikely to build muscle in an undesirable way. If you’re interested in what types of exercises to do, check out our blog post here.

    Take Care of Your Skin

    The shape of your bust can be greatly improved by taking care of the skin on your chest. Elasticity is what makes the skin seem young and in good condition. It also gives your skin that feeling of being tight and able to bounce back after applying pressure. While the amount of elasticity in your skin is probably passed down in your genetics, it doesn’t mean we all can’t do something to improve it. Keep your skin well moisturized and provide vitamins and nutrients to keep it in the best of condition. Read our reviews of safe and effective enhancement creams that can do the trick. Also, remember to apply the proper UV light protection, as the sun’s rays can add to damaging your skin.

    Wear Supportive Clothing

    Although this may not actually solve the problem of sagging breasts, it definitely couldn’t hurt. If you are doing all the things mentioned above, getting your chest to appear the way you want it may take time, so wear supportive clothing in the mean time. Wearing bras and tops that support your bust will allow your muscles to grow and your skin to rejuvenate without adding the additional weight of gravity to bring them down. Naturally, it can also enhance the current appearance of your chest.

    Drink Plenty of Water

    drinkMany people would be surprised at the positive effects staying well-hydrated can have. Water is a vital part of keeping your body working the way it should. In the case of your skin, drinking plenty of water will slow down the process of aging. That means your skin will be more resistant to wrinkles and sagging. Another great benefit drinking water can have for your skin is clearing up unwanted acne on both your face and your body.

    Be Patient

    All of the things mentioned above are great tips on how to get your body back after losing weight or going through pregnancy, but it’s important to remember that it will take time. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t change overnight. Especially if you have had dramatic weight loss, your skin will be the last thing to adapt and form to your new body. Keep up with the hard work and let time take care of the rest.



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