• Quick Guide to Breast Massage


    Although massage alone is not an effective method of dramatically increasing bust size, it can be combined with other safe and natural techniques to enhance the appearance of your breasts. We have reviewed several well-received breast enhancement systems and you can find our review of one of the best here: http://thebustboosters.com/breast-actives-full-product-review/

    Benefits of Breast Massage

    By massaging your breast you are naturally promoting the following:

    • Increased circulation. Estrogen is a hormone that is present at significantly higher levels in women of reproductive age. They promote the development of female secondary sexual characteristics such as breasts. Estrogen travels through the bloodstream. Massage can increase blood flow, which would allow more estrogen to reach the breast and stimulate growth.
    • Stimulate prolactin secretion. Prolactin, a hormone best known for its role in enabling female milk production, levels can rise after exercise, high protein meals, sexual intercourse and massage and stimulation of breast tissue.
    • Enhanced firmness and shape.
    • Alleviate symptoms of PMS and breast soreness.
    • Promote healthy breasts and breast cancer prevention by moving the lymph. Research has shown that regular massage can help prevent and detect breast cancer. Breast massage can do this by improving the immune system and moving lymph fluids through lymph nodes under the arms.


    Breast Massage Techniques that Encourage Natural Growth

    To get the best results and benefits of breast massage, put aside some time in your daily routine. Try the following three motions to get started:

    1. Use a pumping movement where you move the breast using light pressure starting from near your armpit and then allow your breast to return back to the natural position.
    2. Take your breast into you hand and use a gentle lifting motion then allow your breast to return back to the natural position.
    3. Use one hand to stabilize your breast from underneath and then use the palm of your other hand to gently massage, in a circular motion, the upper center portion of your breast.

    massage-2Repeat each motion of each different massage 10-20 times on each breast.

    What Should I Use to Massage?

    The general rule of thumb is that anything you feel comfortable using on your skin you can use while performing breast massage. Many people use various oils such as: borage, primrose, coconut, sweet almond and even olive oil! Oils are good for providing comfortable and soothing lubrication between your hands and your skin and even aromatherapy if that’s what you are looking for, however, they can also block pores and make it hard for your skin to breathe. Another commonly used product for massage would be Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera can be very soothing and beneficial to your skin; however, it can end up being sticky and uncomfortable during massage. If you are interested in massage as a natural growth technique, you would get the most out of it by combining massage with a topical enhancement product. These products are specifically designed to be comfortable for use during massage while at the same time supplying vitamins and nutrients to your skin and tissue. Massage can help with breast firmness and promote breast health. To achieve changes in your appearance, massage is usually coupled with a more complete regimen which could include dietary supplements and enhancement creams. Read more about it at our homepage.


    Here’s a great video that emphasizes using massage to improve health


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