• The Power of Posture and Visual Enhancement

    Here at TheBustBoosters we’re all about the power of improving your appearance and confidence without having to go through any extreme procedures or dangerous surgeries.

    There are many things you can do to improve the overall appearance of your chest without physically changing them at all. Another great thing about following these simple techniques is that it has the power to change your mood and confidence for a deeper sense of well-being.

    Use Posture to Appear Bustier

    postureMost women find that their breasts appear smaller and less shapely when standing or sitting with bad posture. Slouching with your back rounded and shoulders forward not only makes your chest appear smaller but also makes you appear less confident about your body.

    The good news is that this can be fixed instantly by standing up straight with your shoulders back, your head high while gently pushing your chest outward. To make this instant change a permanent habit simply practice standing, sitting and walking with good posture.

    Wear Clothing to Accentuate Your Figure

    chest-rufflesAnother way you can instantly make your breasts appear bigger, is by wearing clothing that accentuates and flatters your figure. It’s commonly known that wearing form-fitting, tight clothing will give the appearance of being slender, but did you know that you could create the opposite effect?

    For instance, clothing that is ruffled or puffy in the chest area can make your chest area appear larger and your figure more voluptuous. Try adding accessories to the neck and chest area such as scarves and necklaces to also achieve the same effect.

    It’s no secret that people often use patterns and colors on clothing to appear thinner and the same concept can be applied to make your chest appear larger.

    For instance, wearing a top with horizontal-stripes is an example of a volume-adding pattern. Lighter colored tops will also have the opposite effect of dark colors, which make things look smaller and thinner by reducing contrasts and shadows. Use a combination of colors, shades, and patterns coordinating your tops and bottoms to achieve the visual illusions you are looking for.

    Make Sure to Wear the Right Bra Size

    This is a simple one, you should buy the correct bra size.

    small-braWearing a bra size that is too small for you can flatten the shape of your breasts and well as make them appear smaller. On the other hand, wearing a bra size that is too big for you can make your breasts seem small in relationship to your clothing. Also, if your bra is too large, the extra fabric will often look lumpy and unappealing underneath your clothing.

    lacy-braNext time you are shopping for a bra try on different sizes and see which supports and lifts the breasts and does not flatten or let your breasts hang loosely. Of course some bras are also designed or padded to add shape and volume to your breasts. These work great and should be used instead of stuffing your bra, which can look funny and lead to embarrassing romantic encounters.

    sports-braYou should avoid wearing small, thin, lacy bras because although they may look sexy and appealing on store mannequins, they provide very little support or lift. You also want to avoid really tight fitting bras such as sports bras because they tend to flatten your chest.


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