• Why Do We Love Perfectly Shaped Breasts?

    why-bigger1There’s no question that in many cultures around the world, men like breasts.

    It almost seems universal that heterosexual men have some degree of fascination with those two soft chest pillows we sometimes take for granted. So in today’s post, I decided to take a look at why that might be and to find out if it make sense for us, as ladies, to want to enhance our busts.

    Before starting, I want to mention that you may be interested in developing a fuller chest for reasons that are completely independent of sexual attraction. This is completely understandable, reasonable, and actually explained by some of the thoughts behind why big breasts are sought after in most cultures.

    Have We Been Programmed to Love Them?

    One reasonable explanation to why people are so obsessed with big breasts in a sexual way, is because they have been programmed that way.

    Like many things in the world, advertising and sales can have a big impact on human behavior. So it could very well be that from some point in time, some culture decided that big breasts were very feminine and sexually appealing because it also happened to be profitable and voila, an obsession was born.

    why-we-love-1We can clearly see that many very profitable industries (fashion, cosmetics, etc.) that are targeted at a woman demographic rely on a standard of beauty that has been, so to say programmed, by marketing and advertising.

    It is also something to consider that not every culture views the same qualities about breasts desirable. The view that large, perfectly shaped and perky breasts are more desirable can be seen as a western one.

    As anyone knows, western culture tends to have a significant influence on the rest of the civilized world.

    Are Instincts and Evolution Involved?

    why-bigger2Just as a fat, well-fed man was once seen as desirable because it was an indication that he was able to afford the pleasures of life, it could also be that a large bust on a woman indicates her ability to bear healthy children.

    While the comparison may not translate directly, we can take a look at the basis of the idea and how it translates scientifically.

    In some indigenous cultures in the world where scarcity is an important factor of survival, finding a sexual partner that is well-fed is desirable for both sexes. This is an example where 0ur instincts that lead us to want to reproduce with the highest success rate, makes us seek out a partner that has the most resources.

    Physically, this means having an ample waistline, bust, or otherwise healthy and strong figure. This evolutionary concept could have been the origin for why large reproductive features are desirable in human sexuality.

    Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

    why-bigger3Another interesting quality of breasts is that they are almost universally associated with sexual interaction. It could be that again we have been deeply programmed by the fact that they are seen as a taboo and intimate part of a woman’s body. Therefore, creating a wild obsession for adolescent boys going to puberty, to see and touch them during their first and all subsequent sexual opportunities.

    There are also some more scientific theories.

    One is that stimulating the breasts and nipples releases a pleasure chemical in a woman’s brain that creates a bond between the woman and her partner. Some theories say that this is similar to the bond created between a woman and her child during breastfeeding. The theory concludes that males have learned through evolution that emulating that stimulation creates a bond for monogamous human relationships.

    Whether these evolutionary theories are correct or not, there is also statistical data that indicates the majority of woman, as well as a decent population of males, find caressing of the breasts and/or nipple stimulation arousing.

    There can be a multitude of reasons, societal or scientific, why you believe the world is obsessed with your perfectly-shaped, large bust. One thing remains true, whether you are a man or a woman, most of us have an idea about what the ideal chest looks like and wanting it isn’t a bad thing. To find out more about how to achieve it naturally read more at TheBustBoosters.com.

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