• Bust Enhancement – Myths, Facts and Q&A

    qa-1Here at TheBustBoosters, we think it’s important for anyone looking to do something to improve their bust size or shape to have as much good information as possible.

    We get plenty of inquiries from our readers and feel like we’ve heard every theory about breast development under the sun. While we encourage all of our readers to do as much research as they can when deciding to use any product or technique to physically alter their body, we’re happy to pass along any tidbits we’ve picked up along the way.

    qa-2Q: How long can I expect my boobs to grow, when should it start and stop?

    A: Breast development happens around the time a person goes through puberty. The age is different for everyone but that’s usually around the ages of eleven to thirteen. This reason is because as you begin puberty, your body starts to produce hormones that stimulate chest development, namely estrogen. Although your body may produce estrogen for quite some time, you can expect your breast to grow up until around your early twenties.

    Q: It there a normal shape and size that I should expect my breasts to grow into?

    perfect-sizeA: Everyone’s bust will develop differently and you shouldn’t be too concerned if you look different than your peers. This relates to both the size of your bust and well as the shape. Fear not, when it comes to the opposite sex, people find different things attractive just as they would light hair to dark, short to long, straight to curly.

    The most important thing is to be comfortable with your self-image and remember that being happy and confident can be more attractive than physical appearances. However, if you want to improve the way you look there are plenty of non-surgical alternatives to how it can be done. Read more on our homepage.

    Q: I’ve noticed that my bust swells and becomes tender during certain parts of the month right before my period, is that normal?

    A: There’s nothing to worry about. There are several reasons that you may go through some hormonal changes that causes your boobs to be tender. Typically this is because the tissue in your breast that is related to producing milk become more active due to the hormonal changes and this causes some tenderness. This is also the reason behind the swelling and what can sometimes be mistaken as chest growth.

    There are some simple things you can do at home to alleviate the pain, such as taking a nice warm bath or hot shower. Click here to read our article on breast massage that may also help.

    Q: A friend started taking birth-control pills and noticed a change in the size of her boobs, is that expected? Can I take birth control just to have bigger boobs?

    birth-control-pillsA: Yes, some people experience changes to their breast size after starting birth control. Just as we mentioned in the answer above, this would be considered one of the things that can change the hormonal balance in your body.

    We wouldn’t recommend starting birth control for the sole purpose of additional chest growth, because you don’t know that it would affect your body similarly and you could also have some other effects that you don’t want.

    We would recommend you speak with a physician and getting all the details if you are interested in birth control.

    Q: Can I change what I eat to get better looking breasts?

    proteinA: There has been some research to indicate that certain diets can promote developing a larger bust. These diets are usually a combination of eating lean high-protein meats with other foods that could stimulate or supplement female hormones that are related to breast growth.

    There are also natural supplements with similar ingredients that you can take if you aren’t interested in changing your diet completely.

    Q: Can I start doing specific exercises to make my chest bigger?

    A: To say there are exercises that directly make your chest bigger would probably be misleading. However, there are some ways to accentuate what you do have and make the overall appearance of your chest to be more prominent. Your breasts are fatty tissue sitting atop your chest muscles, so exercising your chest to get rid of unwanted fat but also build up the muscle base underneath your boob tissue can do wonders for the shape and perkiness of your bust.

    Q: I used to be a little overweight and had a large bust, now that I’ve lost some of the weight my boobs aren’t as perky and round as they used to be, how can I fix it?

    A: Just as when you lose weight from any part of your body, your skin and other tissues may not adapt as quickly as the fat that you’ve lost. This can result in stretch marks, your skin not being as soft and elastic, or sagging boobs.

    Be happy that you’ve done an incredible job at losing weight faster than your skin could keep up with. To remedy the sagging and loose skin, there are creams that can smooth your skin, make it feel younger and more tight and all this will give your boobs a little more perkiness and pop.

    Read our full review of one of the best selling enhancing creams here.

    I hope you found all this information helpful, until next time!


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