• Beauty Products Online Buying Guide

    clickThe internet is a pretty amazing place where you can find almost any product, no matter how obscure or highly sought after.

    I know a lot of people who have traditionally shopped in stores have transitioned to shopping online for certain products but not all. So why are somethings more readily bought online, think computer accessories and home goods, while other items are still somewhat preferred to be bought in person, think more customized products and luxury goods.

    It seems logical that when you want some guidance on selection or feel the need to handle the product before buying, we turn to our traditional retailers for help. However, consider the arguments below for buying all of your beauty products online from now on.


    online-guide-1Many beauty products such as makeup, lotions, skin creams, perfumes, and so on, come from a wide range of regions and cultures.

    Who’s to say that products that you can find locally will suit you best?

    One of the amazing benefits of shopping online for your beauty needs is that you can find something that might not be very popular in your part of the world.

    Does a black sesame hot mask sound more like a food product than a skincare product?

    Maybe so, but if you’re willing to give it a go, it can definitely be found online.


    online-guide-2One thing people are NOT shy about online is giving their true opinions.

    Go to the comments sections of just about any news article, restaurant directory or product review (even ours), and you are likely to read just about every differing opinion on the subject. Sometimes you’ll also read differing opinions are an entirely different subject all together for that matter. As it applies shopping for beauty products, the power of other people’s opinions can be quite handy.

    After developing some savvy on how to filter out the haters, you will find a wealth of helpful information in the form of youtube videos, lengthy product review blogs and comments about personal experience with a product. We’ve found that this can be just as good, if not better, than handling the product yourself.

    Just don’t trust reviews like these:


    priceIt’s pretty commonly known that the price that you pay for a product when in a store also reflects some additional costs, such as leasing the store, employees, theft and loss prevention and marketing. Many online retailers are able to minimize or eliminate those costs by staying away from operating a brick and mortar storefront.

    What does that mean for the consumer?

    It means that the retailer or manufacturer is able to offer the most competitive price for their products. Directly buying from the manufacturer can also eliminate the cost of the sales margin imposed by the middle-man distributor. It’s also common practice for online stores to offer excellent promotional prices for a limited time.


    online-guide-3Manufacturers and online retailers have an extremely high level of competition for selling online. One of the ways they compete and convert casual online window browsers to paying customers is by offering hard to refuse customer service in the form of warranties or other guarantees.

    Again, this is only to the benefit of the consumer.

    For many products we’ve seen, if you’re not completely satisfied you are able to send it right back to the manufacturer. If that doesn’t work, you could always leave a comment stating your dissatisfaction.


    shipIn the old days of the internet, some retailers would lure customers in with what seems to be an unbeatable price, then tack on high shipping and handling fees to make up their margins. While this practice can probably still be found out there on the internet somewhere, most retailers offer a fair price for shipping.

    In fact, because many beauty products are packaged in small containers and lightweight, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of products ship for free.

    So next time you are restocking on some favorite products or even looking for some new ones to add to the vanity counter, you should definitely consider shopping online. We think you’ll have a quick and worry-free experience that will change how you shop for beauty from here on out.

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