• Get The Most Out of Breast Actives with Breast Massage

    pic1_post11TheBustBoosters is always on the search for new healthy and alternative ways to improve breast development.

    I was speaking with some friends recently about how they add simple, low-cost routines to their daily lives to compliment whichever breast enhancing supplement they were taking. One friend in particular had some ideas that really jumped out to me. She was telling me that if you are committed to growing your bust without having cosmetic surgery, you should think of the most complete system for yourself. Of course, I had to hear more.

    Now you may know someone like this yourself, but she’s the type of person who absolutely loves to test everything when it comes to self improvement. I personally am not, but fortunately for me she was willing to share at great detail the things she tried and the things that worked. Fortunately for all you, I can pass that information along.

    ba-bottleShe said that her preference in supplement products was the Breast Actives system because it provided the skin cream as well as the nutritional supplement. As I have written about in some of my posts, this friend was also convinced that it all starts from what we put into our body.

    Here was her formula for success:

    1. simple-detoxShe starts each cycle of supplements with a simple detox that you can do at home without disrupting your professional or personal life. She has varied through different detox programs and isn’t particularly partial to any.
    2. Next she comes up with a diet and exercise plan that will keep her fat intake low and promote muscle and tissue development in her bust area.
    3. The last thing we talked about was what really blew me away. She was absolutely convinced that adding a simple breast massage routine when applying the enhancing cream was giving her the results she was ultimately looking for.

    Let’s hear more about her technique and what she noticed when she did and didn’t dedicate time to massaging her bust. She said early on in her days of experimenting with different cream products, she would apply the cream at night before bed and that was about it. As she had more experience with different products, she noticed that not only were the creams stimulating growth but they were also helping with the shape of her chest.

    So she set out to learn more about breast massage so that she could maximize the shaping effects that was taking place.

    How to massage your Breast and the Breast Actives system


    • Use a firm but comfortable pressure when performing massage to help shape your breasts.
    • To add firmness and perkiness, massage the each breast in the direction you what them take shape. Start from the outside of your body under your arms, in towards the center of your chest near the nipples.
    • An alternative motion is to support a single breast with one hand, then use your other hand to gently apply cream and massage in a circular motion. This will increase the elasticity and smoothness of your skin.
    • Consider the time you give yourself a massage the same as if someone else were giving you one, be relaxed. Take a warm to hot shower and mentally prepare to slow your day down and treat yourself to some quiet downtime. Spend time doing the massage and don’t think of it as just a chore that you need to rush through. It will make it easier to remember to do it and the time will fly by.

    So why does it work?

    Well, the chemistry of your body is a complicated system and probably a little unique to each individual. However, the theory can be thought of as fairly simple.

    You are increasing the blood flow to the area where you are applying a supplement. At the same time that you are increasing blood flow, you are also stimulating your body’s natural release of hormones and chemicals that can contribute to the effect of breast development.

    Lastly, you are physically applying pressure to shape your bust in the way that would look natural and beneficial for your specific body type. If you’d like to know more about breast massage see our post here.

    I must say that her enthusiasm had me convinced. And even if you don’t see any huge difference in results with or without the massage, I’m sure we could all benefit from treating ourselves to a little me-time.

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