• Fake It Til You Make It

    In today’s culture, we all want things and we want them now.

    As technology makes certain luxuries more readily available, it’s at the cost of our attention spans. Not surprisingly, the statistics show a steady increase in the amount of cosmetic surgeries performed each year.

    However, many women have made the decision to forgo breast augmentation surgery and some of the hidden dangers that come along with it. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some tricks in your back pocket to show off a bigger cleavage while you use more natural techniques to enhance your own bust.

    In this post, we’ll take a look at some of your options and give you the pros and cons of faking it.

    Cleavage Make-Up

    fake-it-make-it-2It’s time to put some of those art classes and expensive make-up brushes to good use.

    One way many celebrities, actors, actresses, and other people in the media enhance their natural assets is to give them a little definition. It’s very similar to the techniques you would use to add contour to your face but done on your chest.

    All you need to get it done is some makeup a few shades darker than your skin tone, translucent powder to keep it in place, a flat brush, a fluffy brush and practice.

    Here are the simple steps to follow:

    1. fake-it-2Start by using the flat brush and drawing a circular shape starting from the center of your chest upward to about the twelve o’clock point tapering as you go higher.
    2. Next, blend the lines so that they appear as shadows and not lines on your chest.
    3. Do the same with a darker shade in the middle of your chest where the underside of your breast would be. Don’t forget to blend in that area as well.
    4. When you’re satisfied with the shading, use the fluffy brush and translucent powder to keep it all in place without smudging.
    5. Voila.


    • Easy and inexpensive
    • Photographs really well


    • Obviously the illusion can only go so far
    • Not really practical for everyday at work

    Push-Up Bras

    fake-it-3There are several makers of women’s undergarments that tout a special solution that gives you the lift you’re looking for.

    But do they actually work?

    The answer to this one is yes and no. The theory is for the bra to squeeze your breast into padded cups pushing your flesh closer together to give your bust a fuller and higher look.

    Generally speaking you can find a wide range of brands and prices that have the push-up offerings. However, in some cases you get what you pay for.

    fake-it-make-it-1Expensive designer brands will most likely be attractive and more comfortable to wear. Whereas the cheaper products might not have all the design features quite worked out. The amount of padding in the bra in combination with your body type and size will generally dictate how much actual lift you will see.

    So there’s no real way to say if any one product will work out for your body and trying all those bras on could be a time consuming way to get an answer.


    • Can be comfortable
    • Can look sexy


    • The better products are expensive
    • Won’t work the same with all body/bust shapes

    Bra Padding and Enhancers

    fake-it-make-it-3These products come in an even wider variety and price range than the previously mentioned push-up bras. Most of these products are meant to be worn directly on top of your skin and underneath your bra.

    They work simply by adding some padding between your chest and your bra to give you a fuller look. Some even join together at the center to squeeze your breasts together and create cleavage. They come in a wide variety of materials including (but not limited to) foam, cotton, silicone, and even inflatable plastic.

    You can pretty much find a product to accommodate whatever situation you will need it for.

    • They can also come with or without something that resembles a nipple.
    • There are water-proof varieties to wear with swimsuits.
    • There are silicone ones designed to stick to your skin or create suction so that you can wear them dressed up without a bra.
    • There are the simple pads that can be worn inside your bra for everyday use.


    • You can find one for almost any occasion
    • Can be an inexpensive option that will work without buying new bras


    • Less comfortable for wearing longer periods of time
    • Could be slightly embarrassing in intimate moments

    We thought this video on general tips on wearing bras was a good starting point. Enjoy!

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