• A Better Diet for Natural Breast Growth: Protein

    proteins-1We’ve talked plenty about having a well-rounded complete approach to natural breast enhancement. We’ve covered topics such as: starting off with natural detoxification; having a workout routine that compliments your breast development goals; creating the perfect diet to supplement your supplements; how weight loss affects your breasts; and a ton of other related topics.

    Today, I want to talk about diet but specifically eating proteins.

    Wondering how eating a lot of proteins will change your physical appearance is probably among one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to nutrition. Why? Because proteins are important macromolecules that are involved in almost every process within a cell. This makes them an essential building block of things like blood, bones, cartilage, muscles and skin.

    In general, the body needs a relatively large supply of protein and the problem is that it does not store this nutrient as it does fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, we need to constantly consume proteins in order for our body to use them effectively when it needs it.

    So How Does Proteins Help Breast Growth?

    As we have already mentioned, proteins play a critical role in repairing and building cells, tissue and skin. It only makes sense that if you are trying to build more breast tissue that having a plentiful supply of lean, healthy proteins is necessary or at the very least can’t hurt.

    But this isn’t the only benefit.

    Protein consumption is also known to provide your body with amino acids that can have an impact on the balance of specific hormones such as human growth hormone and estrogen.


    As we have discussed in several other articles, estrogen is a hormone found in more abundance in women and contributes to the development of reproductive features including breasts. Studies have shown that women with omnivorous diets have higher estrogen levels than women who are vegetarians. This is not to say that you should adopt a high protein diet for the sake of having bigger breasts. In actuality, eating a well rounded diet of meat and vegetables can ensure that you also remove excess estrogen through natural bowel movements.

    Other things that can help you maintain a healthy and high level of growth hormones are:

    • Exercise – Both aerobic and resistance exercise are a physiological stimulus for growth hormone secretion.
    • Sleep – In both men and women, the first phase of slow-wave sleep which occurs in the first few hours of sleep is when there is a secretion of growth hormone.

    What Types of Proteins Should I Eat?


    Ok, now that we have established that proteins do in fact play an important role in tissue development, how can I make sure that I’m eating enough healthy proteins?

    Here is a list of foods or food types to that you should look for.

    • Soy Proteins contain natural compounds that are chemically very similar to estrogen. These natural compounds are called phytoestrogens and like estrogen, they can have effects on the human body to develop breast tissue. Another great benefit of eating soy proteins is that they are commonly found and affordable. Food examples would be soy milk, tofu, and tempeh.
    • Lean meat and poultry are a classic source of protein. If you are trying to regulate the amount of fat in your diet, stay away from certain cuts or darker meat. Another thing to take note of is that naturally fed and raised animals will reduce the chance that unnatural hormones are in your meat.
    • Superfoods such as gogi berries, bee pollen, yogurt and hemp seeds can be high in protein, amino acids, antioxidants and nutrients. The great thing about these foods is that they can be added to your favorite breakfast foods or eaten as a snack. They are super simple and have great benefits.

    Well that does it for our analysis of how eating proteins can make a big impact on your natural breast development goals. If you’re also looking for a cream or supplement that can really make a difference, check out this product.

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