• Celebrating Valentines Day with TheBustBoosters

    Now that January is over, many of us are getting full swing into our routines. That little bit of excess weight gained over the holidays has been carefully trimmed away, goals have been set for the upcoming year and we’re chugging along full steam ahead.

    Then it creeps up on us out of nowhere. That holiday in February that makes us all stop to think about the health of our love lives.

    Whether you’re single and happy, single and looking, or in a relationship, it could never hurt to put a little extra thought into how to get the most out of Valentines day.

    Here are a couple things to consider related to women’s health and sexuality.

    To Go Out or Stay In?

    I have two groups of single friends. There are people really into spending Valentines day out on the town getting to know their most promising dating prospect. These people are usually casually getting to know more than one person at a time and see Valentines day as an opportunity to possibly take one relationship to the next level. Sometimes what happens is they get caught up in the romance and excitement of the night and don’t achieve much in getting answers to where the relationship is going. Going out can definitely be a lot of fun and having fun is important. But there’s nothing that says you can’t have fun and learn something important about your date.

    The other group of single friends think that Valentines day is a completely overrated holiday. There’s entirely too much pressure on finding a date and making sure it goes perfectly. Instead many of these single friends will band together and do something collectively for dinner. This can be in the form of a Galentines day dinner party at someone’s home or a co-ed potluck with all your most attractive single friends in attendance.

    These lower pressure gatherings are a perfect way to express love and appreciation for your friends. There’s no reason Valentines day can’t be celebrated with loving relationships that aren’t necessarily romantic.

    And if you don’t like celebrating all together, the more power to you. Don’t let the happiness of others have any negative effect on your day. At the same time, there’s also no reason to be bitter or resentful towards others expressing their love and happiness on a random day in February. It’s just another day and we should probably aim to be filled with love and happiness everyday.

    Valentines Day Gifts

    I have two groups of friends that are in relationships. Some friends are opposed to spending unnecessarily just because it’s a good marketing opportunity for many companies. It doesn’t take much to realize that some specific industries benefit from this particular holiday. The price of flowers, meals, romantic activities and gifts are all inflated by the high level of demand.

    It’s not that these friends don’t have the money or are extremely frugal. They just believe that they can express their love and appreciation by gestures that don’t require any unnecessary spending. This could be a helping hand when otherwise unexpected, planning a surprise favorite outing or pampering each other with massages and physical attention. The important thing here is that you’re showing someone that you’re thinking of them and what makes them happy just as much as you focus on your own personal goals and happiness.

    Then there’s the group of friends that absolutely love gift giving, gift receiving, going out on the town, eating expensive meals, drinking expensive drinks, being lavish in every way. The thing is that spending unnecessarily to be lavish and treat yourself is completely relative and I can say that most are doing it responsibly and well within their means. They just love to show appreciation both to their loved one and themselves.

    So this leads us to a popularly hard question, what’s the perfect Valentines day gift?

    In both groups of friends, there’s a common theme. Treating your loved one with appreciation by making their day a little less stressful and a little more pampering is a great gift to give.

    If you’re looking for a gift for your perfect gal, think makeup, skincare, beauty treatments and anything else that makes her feel pampered and as beautiful as she is.

    You could even look into a natural breast enhancement product and get yourself a little something at the same time. Go to our homepage for more. But just don’t forget to get all those other things mentioned above!

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