Total Curve: The Formula and Ingredients

Today’s breast enhancement products aren’t your mother’s creams and pills. The snake oil era has past.

Today’s formulas are sophisticated and cutting edge. They combine centuries of eastern medicine with research science to produce the safest and most effective products possible.

We’re always impressed with the wide range of herbal ingredients used in perfect combination for the market’s top performing products. Total Curve has proven to be no different.

Looking to the product’s official website, we can see a formulation of ingredients that intends to promote overall breast health while safely mimicking the behavior of naturally occurring hormones. Total Curve is a two-part system, so let’s find out what’s in each and how it works to deliver the results we expect.

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Black Cohosh Root
This herb was originally used for medicinal purposed by Native American Indians. It later became a popular for treating symptoms related to women’s health, such as PMS, menstruation, menopause, as well as osteoporosis. It is also known that black cohosh can potentially increase the effects of estrogen in some parts of the body.

Blessed Thistle

The flowering tops and leaves of this plant has been used in traditional medicines to treat pain symptoms resulting from PMS, menstruation and menopause. It can also act as a hormone balancer and promote the production of breast milk in new mothers. Another quality that is useful in this particular supplement, is it’s ability to repair damaged collagen and elastin.

Buckwheat Leaves and Flowers

Buckwheat is not a grain, but rather a nutrient-packed seed. It is high in both protein and fiber. One of the most important health qualities of this so-called superfood, is that it is packed with antioxidants such as rutin, catechin and tannins. These antioxidants are known to support heart health and prevent diabetes digestive disorders by strengthening capillaries which improves circulation. It can also help to lower cholesterol, relieve hypertension and improve digestion.

Damiana Leaf

Damiana is a shrub whose leaves and stems are used to make medicines. It has long been used to improve sexual stimulation and satisfaction in both men and women. It has also been known to alleviate symptoms related to stress, depression, and anxiety. It has qualities to boost both your mental and physical stamina in relationship to sexual problems.

Dong Quai Root

tc-form-dong-quaiThe root of this plant, native to the Asian continent, is known to have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It has been used to treat women’s health issues as well as osteoarthrosis, inflammation, and high blood pressure. It is sometimes referred to as female ginseng, which is a well-known natural supplement to promote a healthy sex life by enhancing blood circulation.

Fennel Seed

Fennel seeds is also rich in antioxidants like kaempferol and quercetin. These compounds work to remove harmful free radicals from the body and protects against infection, aging and neurological diseases. It also contains essential oil compounds that have properties that aid in digestion. In addition, fennel seeds contain plant-based phytoestrogens which work to balance female hormones. The resulting effect is relief against symptoms related to PMS, menstruation, and menopause.

This plant is widely known as an ingredient in beer to give it flavor. However, in medicinal uses, it has often been used to treat arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, diabetes and menopausal symptoms. Research shows that compounds in hops may act as a phytoestrogen, which as we know, can mimic the action of estrogen.

Watercress Leaves

Watercress is a green leafy plant that is rich in vitamins and minerals. One of the health benefits is that it acts as an anti-carcinogenic. This means that it has the ability to prevent and stop the recurrence of certain cancers, such as breast, lung and stomach cancer. When taken as a daily supplement, it is suggested that phytochemicals within this plant can stimulate your defense system and promote cellular protection.

Wild Yam Root

The main active compound found in this plant’s root is Diosgenin. Diosgenin is a phytoestrogen, which means it can mimic the effects of estrogen in humans. Other uses for wild yam is the treatment of menstrual pain, inflammation, osteoporosis and lowering cholesterol levels.

Total Curve Lifting and Firming Gel

Algae Extract
Algae is a commonly found simple sea plant. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and can be applied to the skin to protect from antioxidant stress as well as moisturize and soften. It also has properties that can help aging skin become more firm, pliable and younger looking.

Aloe Vera Extract

This plant species can be found growing in the wild in tropical climates. It is generally known for it’s soothing, moisturizing, and healing properties. Many products which include aloe vera can be found in your local pharmacy as a treatment to minor burns and skin irritations.

Bearberry Extract

The extract created from this shrub and its berries is a popular ingredient in cosmetic formulations because of it’s strong antioxidant properties. It has been shown to effectively protect against free radicals that can prematurely damage skin by producing fine lines and wrinkles. Another property of Bearberry that makes it attractive for anti aging purposes is the fact that it contains arbutin. Arbutin has been shown to stop skin pigmentation, therefore giving your skin a more youthful and healthy appearance.


Caffeine is increasingly being used in skin care products because of its antioxidant properties and its ability to penetrate the skin barrier. It can help protect your skin against harmful ultra violet (UV) rays and slow down the process of skin aging due to exposure to the sun.

Mango Butter

This ingredient is made from the seed kernel of the mango tree. It is popular in skin care products mainly because it softens, moisturizes and protects skin cells from degeneration. It can also protect against UV radiation and treat minor skin irritations. Mango butter is commonly used in conjunction with other body butters such as shea and cocoa.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is most commonly used in skin care products for anti-aging and brightening. It has powerful antioxidant properties which can also revitalize the surface of your skin making it feel and look younger. Another well known property of vitamin C, when used topically on the skin, is its role in collagen synthesis.

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