Breast Success Cream and Pills: A Full Review

bs-top-imageDo you want to know the secret behind how so many models and celebrities are achieving breast enhancement without going under the knife?

It sounded too good to be true, so in this review, we decided to take a closer look into the answer that everyone seemed to be talking about, Breast Success pills and cream.

The first thing we noticed is that this system isn’t like those other breast enhancing supplements on the market that don’t deliver results or creams that only firm up your skin. The combination of Breast Success tablets and Firming and Lifting Cream seems to be an exclusive formulation that simply works for non-surgical enhancement.

But of course we wouldn’t expect  you to just take our word for it, read the full review below and see how TheBustBoosters gave this cream our full inspection. In all of our reviews, we always aim to answer the questions we get asked most:

– How does this product work? What makes it more effective than all the other products out there?
– I don’t have all the time in the world, is the cream easy to use?
– I want to know what’s in it and if it’s safe for me to use?
– What are real users of Breast Success saying about it?
– Ok, I’m convinced, but where can I buy it and how can I get the best price?

And the best part yet? There’s no pain or doctor visits, the amount you spend is a fraction of what it would cost for an augmentation, and you can try Breast Success RISK FREE for 30 days or your money back.


How Does It Work?

Everyone knows that augmentation surgery can be invasive and come with post surgical complications.

This is not the case with Breast Success as it works with your body’s natural functions to enhance your bust. It safely promotes naturally occurring processes that lead to hormonal balancing which then leads to stimulating development and enlargement.

Let’s review each step of the system independently.

The Breast Success Firming and Lifting Cream

infographic-bs-volThe cream works deep within the tissues to encourage them to grow and create new tissue. The main effective ingredient in the cream is a well-known product called Volufiline. We’ve seen this ingredient all across the market in only the highest performing enhancement creams.

Volufiline contains an active plant based substance called sarsasapogenin. This substance has been shown to interact with the abundant fatty tissue that your bust are made of and trigger them to divide and grow. Sarsasapogenin has also been found in plants that are used for their antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effects.

You’ll feel the cream working within the first few weeks and some people have reported a light tingling sensations taking place, as circulation is enhanced. Reviews have suggested the cool, tingly feeling can be relaxing and refreshing. The topical cream works great deep within the tissue, but also firms and tightens the skin as well, making your chest not only larger but looking great too.

The Breast Success Capsule

The supplement is even easier.

Breast Success pills have a blend of natural herbs that are widely used around the world in women for boob enhancement due to their positive hormonal properties. It uses the power of thirteen different natural herbs that are known to aid in development by containing phytoestrogens, a naturally occurring plant based substance known to have estrogenic effects.

bs-test-4No synthetic compounds, no artificial additives or fillers – just natural ingredients that puts your body to work. The result is bigger, fuller, and firmer bust.

In one convenient capsule that the directions suggest taking three times a day, you can take advantage of Breast Success’s exclusive formula until you get the desired growth. The difference here is that they’ve used the power of modern science to bring you a non-surgical option that actually works.

These pills work in perfect harmony with the firming and lifting cream to give you the best natural chest size and shape. The combination of the two products leaves you with a natural full bust that will boost your self-esteem and confidence.

The tablets stimulate the growth of tissue while firming and tightening the skin. The topical cream’s secret to success is in the active ingredient Volufiline. Some reviews and studies have shown that the best responders to Volufiline showed up to 5.6% increase at 28 days and 8.4% increase at 56 days.


Directions on how to use Breast Success

Breast Success Supplement/Pills

Breast Success Pills are a breakthrough in the natural breast enhancing supplement market. Not only are they full of great ingredients, but the reviews are in and the outcome is fantastic.  And opposed to surgical procedures, the results are much more risk free.

As is the case with many natural enhancement products, there are no reports of commonly experienced known side effects although we, The Bust Boosters, always recommend speaking with your doctor first.

In fact, in addition to a great looking bust, women have also noted a decrease in PMS and menopausal symptoms, a clearer, more positive mindset, skin improvements, and healthy hair and nail growth. It is also known to increase libido in women. Don’t worry – despite hormone balancing and increases in fatty tissues, this will not cause weight gain. The change you will see is where you want it.

For best results, it is recommended that you take one Breast Success capsule three times a day with a meal and/or full glass of water.

There are 90 tablets in each bottle of Breast Success, which means a bottle will last you a month. From what we’ve heard, women can see noticeable results in just weeks and continued development reaching it’s peak in around 3 to 4 months.

Once you get to your desired size, they recommend reducing this dosage to just one Breast Success capsule a day for another 90 days to maintain the size and fullness.

To use the Breast Success Firming and Lifting cream, massage onto the entire chest area once a day. You can use the cream up to twice a day to speed up results.


A great way to build applying cream into your daily routine is to dedicate a relaxing time after a calming, hot shower or just before going to bed. When applying the cream, it is important to massage the area while following the directions of one to two applications per day to get optimal results. This can help stimulate the cells, making it potentially more effective for them to respond to the active ingredients in Volufiline.

Testimonials / Before and After’s

what-are-they-saying-bsSee the reviews including the before and after comparisons and learn more about how this product works to enlarge your chest within a few short months. Some users had even reported seeing results in just a few weeks.

Many women who have tried Breast Success pills and cream left reviews with us stating how this product has helped them gain confidence again after seeing amazing results.

Here are a few of the reviews:


I actually tried some supplements years ago without any success so I can’t say I was really hopeful but I thought I would go ahead and give it a try as I had somebody else use them who spoke very highly of them. Lo and behold I am actually able to fit into a bra without the silicone to make my sweaters fill out. For the first time ever, I was able to wear a bra that looked great from Victoria’s Secret. I look forward to recommending your product to friends who are looking for a non-surgical alternative. – Marcy, San Diego, CA


I have always had a small chest, and it has affected my self-confidence through the years. I had researched boob augmentation, but it just didn’t feel right to go under the knife for me, so I purchased Breast Success cream, and I have used it for a little under a month. I am already noticing results. I feel fullness and definitely a little extra jiggle. I love the way that the cream feels – it’s tingly and refreshing. It’s a great natural product, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Best breast enlargement cream hands down.” – Summer, Denver, CO


I’ve been using Breast Success for a month, and I can already tell the difference in my shape and in my silhouette. I can feel that they are getting more firm. I love it. I think that it is a great product and I truly would recommend it to anybody. I’m not just saying that – I really would! I think it’s a great product and I’m very happy with it, and I will continue to use it for a long, long, long time.” – Jean, Apple Valley, MN.

These are just a few of the reviews from women who are loving the results. Get the best price that we could find and become one of the many happy customers of the Breast Success system.


*Due to privacy policies, the actual images of users have been replaced with similar subjects and photos.

Ingredients of the Pills and the Cream

Another part of each review that we provide is a look into what the products are made of, if they’re safe to use and does it have any side effects.

Breast Success Pills are formulated with natural herbs chosen for their enhancing and development properties.

The power of natural ingredients is that it can provide powerful stimulus and is safe to use with minimal side effects.

Each one of these herbs is essential to natural enhancement, including:

  • fenu-extract-bsFenugreek Seed Extract – Facilitates the development of mammary glands and aids in hormone production which tells the body to naturally enhance the breasts.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry – The Saw Palmetto has shown to reverse atrophy in breasts in studies.
  • Fennel Seed Extract – Fennel is known to be rich in flavonoids. This is known to give a mild estrogenic effect.
  • L-Tyrosine – A natural amino acid that has been found to help in the function of the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands, which control hormone production. Some studies suggest that L-Tyrosine can also stimulate the development of a growth hormone the builds muscle and reduces fat.
  • Mexican Wild Yam Root – rich in beta-carotene and diosgenin, phytochemicals that encourage development.
  • pac-kelp-bsPacific Kelp – an incredible source of iodine, which aids in thyroid function and healthier hormone balance.
  • Damiana Leaf – This shrub is often used for treating hormonal imbalances. It is full of beta-carotene and other naturally occurring phytochemicals.
  • Dong Quai Root – For centuries, this root has been relied on to treat menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and cramps, proving its ability to help with changes in hormones.
  • Mother’s Wort Herb – contains Leonurine, a uterine stimulant, which could also stimulate growth.
  • Black Cohosh Root Extract – Some studies have suggested that Black Cohosh has the same effects as hormone replacement therapy.
  • Oat Grass – plentiful in saponins, flavonoids, minerals, and alkaloids necessary for a healthy hormonal system.
  • blessed-thistle-bsBlessed Thistle Herb – used by women around the world as a hormone balancing aid.
  • Hops Flower – This is another shrub rich in flavonoids that help promote development.

Breast Success has opted for only the best natural herbs in the specially formulated pills that are already known to work wonders for women around the world. Breast Success cream also has the perfect blend of ingredients that help add volume while providing natural oils to keep skin feeling and looking it’s best.

The main ingredient in this product cream is Volufiline. This trademarked ingredient is actually a mixture of a plant extract known as sarsasapogenin, which comes from the roots of Anemarrhenae asphodeloides and hydrogenated polyisobutene, which is an oil-based excipient.

Sarsapogenin works with the fat cells within the breast, triggering them to divide and grow. It works perfectly with the hydrogenated polyisobutene to encourage the growth of fatty tissue giving you a natural look. Clinical tests have shown that with even exposure to 0.5% Volufiline, cells within the boobs had increased.

Other ingredients include emulsifying wax, natural palm stearic oil, soybean oil, purified beeswax, glycerine USP, bio-bustyl, and filtered water.

All of the products are made in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) FDA-certified lab in the USA.

When used as suggested by the directions, Breast Success cream will give you a fuller looking bust.

Price, Where to Buy, and the Guarantee

You’ve made it to the end of our review. Don’t wait any longer, give these pills and lifting cream a try.

bs-test-5This product offers a risk-free 30-day trial where you love it or they’ll refund your money. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

They are confident you will love Breast Success cream and pills and have put their money where their mouth is, see positive results after a month or your money back.

The current price promotion on Breast Success are:

1 month’s supply: Retail Price $49.95Now Only $24.95

3 month’s supply: Retail Price $120.95Now Only $59.95

6 month’s supply: Retail Price $200.95Now Only $99.95

Shipping costs vary. They always ship the products discreetly via USPS.



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