• Do Breast Pumps for Milk Increase Bust Size?

    pump-myth-3Mothers everywhere already know what a godsend breast pumps are when it comes to feeding their babies.

    Benefits of Using a Breast Pump

    • Convenient for storing your milk supply.
    • An effective alternative in the instances when your baby is unable to latch.
    • Allow moms to go back to work sooner after giving birth.
    • Allow dads to play a role in feeding their child.

    But do they also increase your bust size?

    If you think they do, you are not alone. There are plenty of women who assume that breast pumps for milk help in increasing their breast size. They practically look the same as breast enlargement pumps so they’ve got to have similar effects, right?

    Well, not quite.

    Unfortunately, that is only a myth. There is no evidence that suggests breast pumps increase bust size.

    As a matter of fact, none of the effects of using a breast pump has anything to do with the size and shape of your breasts.

    So then what are some of the possible side effects? Let’s take a look at some of the things you can expect when using a breast pump instead of breastfeeding.

    Breast Irritation or Sore Nipples

    The most common mistake mothers make when it comes to breast pumps is not paying particular attention to the fit. Similar to bras, breast pumps have different sizes of flanges (the plastic cup that covers the nipple and aerola).

    If the breast pump isn’t the right fit, you could experience the following:

    • Skin irritation can occur where the pump comes into contact with the breast
    • Irritation to the aerola
    • Sore nipples

    Check the illustration below to find out what the proper fit is.


    Decrease of Milk Expression

    Another misconception among mothers who use breast pump is that milk expression increases the more you use a breast pump. Unlike breastfeeding, repeated pumping can actually lead to a decrease of milk expression.

    Here’s a video with some helpful tips on how to get more milk while using a breast pump.

    So if breast pumps do not have any effect on the appearance of the breasts, why are all these changes happening?

    The answer is simple: pregnancy.

    Whether you opt to breastfeed or use breast pumps, pregnancy and the hormones that come with it are the main cause of the changes in your breasts’ size and shape.

    So what can you expect for your breast shape and size after pregnancy?

    During and directly after pregnancy, breasts tend to be sensitive and have a fuller or rounder shape in order to accommodate milk production.

    It’s also normal for breasts to become larger and heavier after pregnancy than during, and they tend to stay that way until the milk-producing tissue in your breasts is once again replaced by fatty tissue.

    This could be the reason why some women associate using breast pumps after pregnancy with an increased bust size.

    What about after when my breasts stop producing milk?

    It’s safe to say that the changes vary for every woman.

    If you’re like some mothers whose breasts became saggy while using the breast pump – an effect of pregnancy, not the breast pump – you will be relieved to find out that your breasts will go back to its usual perky shape after about six months or so.

    If you’re looking for some general ways to improve sagging breasts after weight loss or pregnancy, check out our popular article here.

    As for size, some women actually end up having bigger breasts than before their pregnancy. For others, it’s the exact opposite. But most of the time, your breasts will usually return to their original size once you go back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

    Our homepage has the latest information on how to supplement your body’s natural hormones after your pregnancy is completely over. This is a easy, safe and effective way to enjoy fuller breasts.



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