• Hidden Dangers of Cosmetic Surgery – Part 1

    head1With the total number of cosmetic surgeries being performed in the United States growing every year, it’s important to consider some of the lesser known dangers that might affect you after having a procedure done.

    This is especially true in an environment where non-invasive cosmetic procedures are growing more popular and people seem to have a more cavalier attitude to such procedures.

    However, some of these hidden dangers may apply whether the procedure is highly invasive or not. Our philosophy here at TheBustBoosters is that everyone is entitled to do what makes them happy, but being well informed and considering the bigger picture will usually lead to greater long-term health and happiness.

    So read on to learn what some women have considered the unpleasant side of having cosmetic surgeries done.

    Unexpected Changes to Your Body

    As one could probably assume, changing something in an otherwise balanced and healthy body can lead to some unexpected results.

    The risk of having surgical complications and needing additional surgeries is higher the more complicated the procedure.

    However, even if the surgery seems minimally invasive, it doesn’t mean that it will work out exactly the way you expected. Some women have experienced that when having a cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted fat from an area such as the thighs, tummy or butt, the result can be that things just don’t look natural.

    Often times, your body looks it’s best when the parts of it are proportional to one another. Furthermore, it’s also possible and sometimes likely, that you eventually put that weight back on but distributed in other unwanted places such as your arms or back.

    This same concept can also be applied to cosmetic procedures that modify the look of your face. A good surgeon should carefully consult with you on what changes will be happening and what you can expect to look like after all is said and done.

    But nothing is perfect, some features just may not look the way you expected next to others. For example, you might have your nose made thinner with a smaller profile, but then feel your mouth and jawline is too wide.

    An even more dramatic result could simply be that the procedure did not go the way even the surgeon expected. In some cases, men and women have lost some ability to move facial muscles from a procedure as common as botox injections. It’s important to remember that the muscles in the face are sensitive and delicate and even the smallest changes to their function could appear very obvious to others causing a devastating blow to the self confidence of the recipient of the procedure.

    Unexpected Changes to Your Mood

    Having a surgical procedure to change your outward appearance that is otherwise unnecessary can be very stressful.

    Immediately after the surgery you may resemble someone who has been in an accident and it could be very painful. You might also experience swelling, a lack of sleep and a decrease in energy.

    Not everyone will be mentally and emotionally prepared for the healing and recovery process. This can be especially true if the procedure did not go the way it was expected, or if it led to other procedures being done. You will have to have patience to deal not only with the stress of having the actual surgery, but also the side effects of recovery.

    All of the inconveniences of cosmetic surgery can add up, start to take a toll on you and cause temporary or more serious feelings of depression.

    After the recovery period is over, patients generally feel great about their new appearance. However, some doctors have reported that their patients soon after experience disappointment that not everything on their body is perfect. This can be a dangerous mental cycle of having more procedures and never achieving the happiness they were initially seeking.

    Having cosmetic surgery can be a very complicated decision with many interconnected moving parts. If you want to learn more before deciding for yourself, stay tuned to our next post where we will discuss more of the lesser known dangers.

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