• Everything You Need to Know About Bras

    Depending on who took you to buy your first bra, showed you how to put it on, told you what to wear and when, did your laundry, you may have been doing it wrong this entire time.

    I know I was never comfortable having that older lady at the department store wrap her plastic measuring tape over my nipples, but once you set your mind to changing your old habits, everything you thought you knew changes.

    It’s also important to provide the proper support and comfort when going through a natural breast enlargement system. From buying the right bra to saying goodbye to old garments, follow my guidelines below to reach bra nirvana.

    Know Your Bra Size

    1. Find the right band size – To measure your band size, take a body tape measure and wrap it around your torso, under your armpits, just below your breasts. Pull the tape taught so that you have a snug fit just as you would want your band to fit. Always round up to the nearest inch to find your band size.

    2. Find your cup size – Take a body tape measure and wrap it around your torso, under your armpits, at the largest part of your chest (usually at the nipple). Make sure the measuring tape is not pulled too tightly this time, as you want your breasts to rest comfortably inside the cup. Once again, when measuring round up to the nearest inch. To find your cup size, subtract the band size taken in step 1 from the measurement of the largest part of your chest. Each inch will translate into one cup size. For example, if the difference is 1 inch the cup size would be an ‘A’, two inches would be a ‘B’, and so forth.

    3. Modify your size when trying on bras – Now that you have a general idea about which band/cup size you will need, try on a few for whatever brand you are purchasing. Just like anything else, not all manufacturers will fit the same. Remember to wear the band at the largest clasp setting when buying a new bra so that you will have the opportunity to tighten the band as the bra stretches over time. One thing to remember when modifying your size is that the cup size will also change in relation to the band size. What this means is that a 34C and a 36C won’t necessarily have the exact same cup size. The general rule is the cup size gets larger as the band size does. So if you find that the band on one bra is too tight, you should try on a larger band size with a smaller cup.

    Tips on Putting On Your Bra Correctly

    Now that you’re all settled on how to find the right bra size for your body, is that it?

    Here are a few things to remember when putting on your new bra:

    • To get the proper support from your band, hook the bra at the waist and pull it up your torso as high as it will go before it starts to cover any part of your bust. This will make sure the band stays lower on your back and you will get the proper lift in the front.
    • Don’t over tighten the band or straps. Having the straps too tight to the point where you feel it on your shoulders could give you the tendency to lean forward. In the previous tip, we mentioned that having the band low on your back provides the proper support, so make sure not to tighten the straps to the point where the band starts to rise on your back.
    • After you have covered your breasts with the cups and put the straps over your shoulders, gently fit the sides of your breasts into the cup by smoothing out your skin starting from behind your armpits and moving forward. This should help get all the soft chest tissue into the cup where it belongs and will also add to the size and perkiness of your bust.
    • For most body types, if you have put on your bra correctly, the largest part of your bust should be centered between the tip of your elbow and the top of your shoulder.

    Shopping for the Right Bra

    Luckily in this day and age, there are several options for buying the perfect fitting bra. If you are shopping at a department store or other general clothing retailer, the sizes will cater to the average consumer.

    If you need a size that isn’t commonly found, consider shopping at a specialty store for women’s intimates or online.

    Follow these tips and never waste money on a bra again.

    • Always try on a bra before buying. Like I mentioned before, not all manufacturers will use the same exact sizing. So a 34B from one brand may not fit like a 34B from another. After trying it on, move around. This is an easy way to see how it will fit and feel throughout the day. If you are purchasing online, make sure the retailer has a good return policy.
    • Shop for a bra shaped to flatter your body type. Different body types will look better in different bras. If you have broad shoulders, look for thin straps that are set closer together. The shape of the bra should have more contour in the middle. Having contour in the middle can also help if you have a body type with a shorter torso. If you have narrow shoulders, look for a bra shape that will be straighter horizontally.
    • Have the right bra for the right occasion. Think about what types of clothing you most commonly wear and shop for a bra that looks right for that attire. If you’re usually wearing a tshirt, you’ll want a white or nude colored bra that provides comfortable support without having too many seams or texture over the cup. Another type of bra that is a must-have in most women’s closets, is the strapless. Be sure to find a strapless bra that fits comfortably without you having to tug and pull at it all day long. Working out is another time when it’s important to have the right bra. The ideal sports bra should hold your breasts in place while you exercise.


    Take Care of Your Investment

    Now that you’ve gone through all that trouble to buy the perfect fitting bra that makes you look and feel great, it’s time to get the most out of your investment. Outside of sports bras, there are some easy guidelines to follow when washing and drying your bra. Hand washing is the most full-proof recommended method of cleaning. You should not bleach, iron, or throw your bra in the dryer if you want to get the most life out of this delicate undergarment.

    Another way you can extend the life of all your bras is to not only have a bra for each occasion, but also to have multiple bras of the same type. This allows you to alternate which ones you wear, which will save the life of the elastic in the band. Stretching elastic continuously tends to wear down the elasticity faster.

    Say Goodbye

    This last piece of advice makes a whole lot of logical sense, but is commonly overlooked. It’s in our nature to become attached to things that we are very happy with, but every bra will have it’s useful lifetime. Whether it’s not supporting your breasts and your nipples are sagging downward or the band has been stretched out and it doesn’t fit snug around your torso, whenever you bra ceases to do it’s job, it’s time for it to go.

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