• Birth Control, HRT and Breast Growth

    birth-control-1So many women are looking for natural and safe ways to increase their bustline and there’s no doubt that it can do wonders for your confidence and self image. Have you ever wanted bigger boobs bad enough that you considered the side-effects of drugs with other main objectives to be beneficial?

    If so, you’re probably not the first.

    We thought it would be an interesting subject to take a look at and considered it with both effectiveness and safety in mind. Two specific methods that have been surrounded by plenty of questions are birth control and hormone replacement therapy (commonly abbreviated HRT). Let’s take a look at each and learn the facts.

    Can Birth Control Increase Your Breast Size?

    The answer to this question has a couple different factors to consider. Let’s go over each individually.

    birth-control-21. Natural Hormones: The general theory is that most birth control, whether taken orally or otherwise, suppresses your body’s natural cycle by introducing a steady amount of naturally occurring hormones into your body.

    Namely, these hormones are estrogen and progestin and yes, these hormones can be responsible for breast growth. The growth from hormones can happen in one of two ways; through fluid retention or through growth of actual breast tissue.

    birth-control-12. Side Effects: Older birth control pills contained a higher dosage of hormones which commonly lead to more significant side effects. In general, the side effects of taking birth control can include:

    • Nausea
    • Breast tenderness
    • Weight gain
    • Headaches
    • Mood Changes
    • Missed periods
    • Decreased sex drive
    • Spotting in between periods

    As you would probably expect, with the higher dosage, you would likely experience more side effects and also the side effects would be more intense. So in a sense, side effects that can affect the size of your breast such as tenderness (from growth) and weight gain, would be experienced more commonly and with greater magnitude.

    Newer birth control pills are able to produce the same result with a lower dosage of hormones. This means that the side effects are also not as likely.

    4. Gaining weight: Particularly for women, gaining weight usually translates into increased breast size. However, this may not exactly be the result you are looking for.

    Most women who are looking for ways to naturally enhance their breast size also desire younger looking breasts. There’s also the pesky fact that you’ve probably gain weight in other less desirable places on your body.

    5. Temporary Growth: The fact that the increase in your breast size when using birth control is attributed to fluid retention and/or temporary hormonal changes, the effect will go away shortly after you stop using birth control. So in the case that you do experience an increase in breast size in just the way you want, without any adverse side effects and without any undesirable weight gain, it may all go away soon after you stop taking birth control.

    So the verdict here seems to be that it won’t happen reliably. It could possibly happen with other side effects that you don’t want. It could also happen in a way that you don’t particularly like. And even if it does happen in a way that you like, it may not last. To us, this seems like a less than reliable way to boost your bustline.

    Is Hormone Replacement Therapy A Safe Way to Increase Bust Size?

    birth-control-3The answer to this question is mostly covered by the second point in the answer above.

    Yes, because hormone replacement therapy in women going through menopause is designed to supplement the amount of estrogen (and sometimes progesterone) in your body, you may also experience breast growth as a side effect.

    However, hormone replacement therapy is specifically designed for the treatment for relief of menopausal symptoms or sometimes osteoporosis. This can be a serious decision and should be considered with the help of a medical professional. Many of which, will recommend the lowest effective dosage for the shortest amount of time to relieve symptoms.

    HRT can also have the following side effects:

    • Bloating
    • Headaches
    • Mood swings
    • Nausea
    • Vaginal Bleeding

    HRT absolutely does not seem like a practical alternative to natural breast enhancement and if you want to learn more about other products on the market, click below.

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