• Lose Weight and Not Breast Size

    Sounds great right? We all want to lose weight in just the right places, but is this realistic, or even possible?

    In an earlier post, we explored the idea of how to get your perky, shapely breasts back after losing weight. In this post, we aim to be mindful of this undesired consequence before it happens.


    That’s not exactly the type of sagging we are talking about, but the statement still holds water. I don’t need to tell you that over the years, there has been a continuously growing movement among men and women alike for a healthy lifestyle. Part of this lifestyle, of course, is weight loss.

    From fitness gurus to health magazines, the discussion of weight loss always revolves around its benefits and the different ways and tips to lose as much fat as we can. But what is paid less attention to is the fact that weight loss also has its share of undesirable side effects, particularly on women, who might be disappointed to discover that losing weight can reduce their breast size.

    Why does weight loss reduce breast size?

    People sometimes forget that breasts are made up of glands, milk ducts, connective tissues and fats – around 75% of fats. This means that the majority of breast tissue by volume is composed of this matter that a lot of women are eager to get rid of.

    Unfortunately, when you work to lose that extra weight, your body loses the fat as a whole, wanted or unwanted. It cannot control which specific part of the body undergoes the lessening of the fat. So when you are only focused on losing weight without consciously paying attention to your breast size, it is not uncommon for you to realize you now have smaller breasts after shedding those pounds.

    How can you lose weight without your breasts losing their size?

    The key to achieving weight loss without decreasing your breast size is targeting the right exercises and diet. Some muscles can be toned, built or shaped to enhance your breasts. Underneath the breasts are the chest or pectoral muscles. There are plenty of exercises that tone the pectoral muscles, making your breasts firmer and fuller.

    It also helps to eat foods that are estrogenic or have enough amount of isoflavone. Isoflavone is effective in maintaining breast size, and getting sufficient amount of it can lead to breast tissue enlargement. Examples of foods that contain this substance are soy beans, tofu, flax seeds, sesame seeds and soy milk.

    One thing to keep in mind is that people have different experiences depending on their natural body types.

    Types of Exercise That Specifically Enhance Breast Appearance

    • Weight Training – As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of exercises that would help maintain and enhance breast appearance, the most effective one being weight training or lifting weights. Exercising with weights like dumbbells does wonders for the pectoral muscles, making it firmer and more toned, which helps lift and perk up the breasts. Just remember that when working out with weights, the number of repetitions and the amount of weight has an impact on the results. In general, higher repetitions with lower weights will produce leaner, more toned muscles. Whereas lifting heavier weights in lower repetitions will add size to your muscles.
    • Body-weight Traning – If you’re intimidated by the gym rats or on a lower budget, you can effectively achieve the same benefits, in regards to breast appearance, of weight training using your own body weight. For example, push-ups can be done in place of a high-repetition and low-weight pectoral exercise.
    • Cardiovascular Training – While this type of exercise isn’t necessarily known to enhance breast size, cardio exercise that engage with the upper body like running, swimming and boxing, can greatly help in maintaining the tone and shape of your breasts.

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